TOPS-20 Commands Reference Manual

Appendix B Alphabetical list of TOPS-20 commands

This appendix consists of an alphabetical list of TOPS-20 commands and short descriptions of each. The varieties of argument needed to complete each command are shown next, in the order that you give them; parentheses indicate that the argument is optional or can be defaulted. Last comes the effect of the command on memory - whether it clears memory (by loading a program or by other means) or otherwise alters it, or leaves it unaffected. Use this appendix along with the question mark and recognition features to refresh your memory once you have become familiar with the contents of this manual.

CommandFunctionArgumentsEffect on Memory
ACCESS gets ownership rights to a directory dev:<directory>,password ---
ADVISE sends commands to another user's job user name or terminal number ---
APPEND adds files onto end of another file filespecs, (subcommands) ---
ARCHIVE requests off-line storage of files filespecs, (subcommand) ---
ASSIGN allocates a device for your job device name ---
ATTACH engages a job to your terminal user name, (job number) (password) ---
BACKSPACE moves a magnetic tape backward device name, number of records or files ---
BLANK clears your video terminal screen --- ---
BREAK ends links made by a TALK command (user name or line number) ---
BUILD creates, modifies, or deletes a subdirectory dev:<directory>, subcommands ---
CANCEL withdraws output or batch requests queue, jobname ---
CLOSE closes open files JFN ---
COMPILE translates source programs into object programs filespecs, switches loads compiler
CONNECT connects your job to a directory dev:<directory>, password ---
CONTINUE continues a halted program NORMALLY or STAY ---
COPY makes copies of a file filespec,filespec (subcommands) ---
CREATE creates a file (switches), filespec loads EDIT
CREF translates .CRF files into listings (filespec) loads CREF
CSAVE stores a copy of memory in a file (in compressed format) (filespec, memory locations) ---
DAYTIME tells the date and time --- ---
DDT starts a debugging program (switches) merges debugging program with existing memory (if necessary)
DEASSIGN gives up a previously assigned device device name ---
DEBUG debugs a program filespec, switches loads program and debugging program
DEFINE establishes or withdraws a logical name logical name, search list ---
DELETE marks files for later erasure filespecs, (subcommands) ---
DEPOSIT changes contents of a memory location memory location, octal number changes one location
DETACH disengages a job from your terminal (argument) ---
DIRECTORY gives information about files (dev:<directory>, filespecs), subcommands ---
DISABLE deactivates capabilities --- ---
DISCARD gives up tape copy of on-line files filespecs ---
DISMOUNT gives up access to structure or tape set alias or setname, switches ---
EDIT edits existing files
(switches), filespec loads EDIT
ENABLE activates capabilities --- ---
END-ACCESS terminates ownership rights to a directory dev:<directory> ---
EOF writes an end-of-file mark on a magnetic tape device name ---
ERUN runs a system program in an ephemeral fork name of system program (switches) loads program
EXAMINE inspects a memory location memory location ---
EXECUTE compiles, loads and starts a program filespec, switches loads compiler and/or program
EXPUNGE erases all deleted files from a directory (dev:<directory>, subcommands) ---
FDIRECTORY DIRECTORY command with subcommands CRAM,EVERYTHING, and NO HEADING (dev:<directory>, filespecs), subcommands ---
FORK specifies what fork is current fork name or number ---
FREEZE stops a running fork fork name or number ---
GET places an executable program in memory filespec, (switches) loads program
HELP presents a short description of a system program name of system program ---
INFORMATION gives information about system and job parameters arguments ---
KEEP protects a fork from being reset fork name or number ---

   LOAD         compiles and loads       filespec, switches   loads
                a program                                     compiler

   LOGIN        begins a job             user name,           ---
                                         password, account

   LOGOUT       ends a job               ---                  clears

   MERGE        merges an executable     filespec,            adds
                program with current     (switches)           program
                memory                                        to

   MODIFY       changes output or        queue, jobname,      ---
                batch requests           switches

   MOUNT        requests use of          alias or setname,    ---
                structure or tape set    switches

   PERUSE       edits files in           (switches),          loads
                read-only mode           filespec             editor

   PLOT         plots files on           filespecs, switches  ---
   POP          returns to superior      ---                  clears
                TOPS-20 command                               memory of
                level, ending                                 inferior
                inferior TOPS-20                              process
                command level

   PRINT        prints files on          filespecs, switches  ---
                line printer

   PUNCH        punches files on         filespecs, switches  ---
                card punch or paper
                tape punch

   PUSH         begins an inferior       ---                  preserves
                TOPS-20 command                               superior
                level                                         memory

   R            runs a system            name of system       loads
                program                  program, (switches)  program

   RECEIVE      allows communication     argument             ---
                with your terminal

   REENTER      starts program in        ---                  ---
                memory at the
                restart address

   REFUSE       disallows                argument             ---
                communication with your

   REMARK       informs the system       ---                  ---
                that you are typing
                only comments, not

   RENAME       changes the              filespec, filespec   ---
                specification of a

   RESET        clears the specified     fork name or         clears
                fork from memory         number               fork

   RETRIEVE     restores off-line        filespecs            ---
                files to disk

   REWIND       rewinds a magnetic       device name          ---
                tape to its load

   RUN          places an executable     filespec,            loads
                program in memory        (switches)           program
                and starts it

   SAVE         stores a copy of         (filespec)           ---
                memory in a file

   SEND         sends messages           line number          ---
                to terminals

   SET          sets various job         arguments            ---

   SET HOST     connects the terminal    system name,
                to another system        switches

   SKIP         moves a magnetic         device name,         ---
                tape forward             number of records
                                         or files

   START        starts program in        (memory location)    ---
                memory at start

   SUBMIT       submits entries (jobs)   filespecs, switches  ---
                to the batch system

   SYSTAT       gives information        arguments,           ---
                about system and job     (subcommands)

   TAKE         starts processing        filespec,            ---
                of a command file        (subcommands)

   TALK         makes communication      user name or         ---
                links with another       terminal number

   TDIRECTORY   DIRECTORY command        (dev:<directory>,    ---
                with subcommands         filespecs),
                CHRONOLOGICAL WRITE,     subcommands
                REVERSE, and TIMES

   TERMINAL     sets various             argument             ---

   TRANSLATE    gives directory          dev:<directory> or   ---
                names for ppn's and      [project-programmer
                vice versa               number]

   TYPE         prints files on your     filespecs            ---

   UNATTACH     disengages another job   user name,           ---
                from its terminal        (job number)

   UNDELETE     restores deleted         filespec             ---

   UNKEEP       cancels the kept         fork name            ---
                status of a fork         or number

   UNLOAD       unloads a magnetic       device name          ---
                tape and deassigns
                the drive

   VDIRECTORY   DIRECTORY command        (dev:<directory>,    ---
                with subcommands         filespecs),
                LENGTH, NO HEADING,      subcommands
                PROTECTION, SIZE,
                and TIMES WRITE