TOPS-20 Commands Reference Manual


Disables any special capabilities, such as those of WHEEL or OPERATOR, that you have enabled.




Resumption of Standard Prompt

The DISABLE command causes the system to resume the standard at sign prompt (@) in place of the dollar sign prompt ($), which indicated enabled capabilities.


Disabling Promptly

Be sure to disable your capabilities as soon as you have finished using them, so that you or a program you run cannot accidentally damage the system.

Related Commands

ENABLE for activating any capabilities that the system manager has given you


  1. Disable your capabilities.
  2. Try copying a file from a directory to which you have no access. Then enable your capabilities (assuming you have been granted capabilities), copy the file, and give up your capabilities with the DISABLE command.
    ?Directory access privileges required
     <MON-SPCS>FFE.SPC.1 => FFE.SPC.2 [OK]