The home page of Jean-Marc Bourguet

Welcome to my home page.

This is a new design which was put online on 1st March 2009. The old version is still available here in case you are searching for something I hided too well or forgot to carry on.

On this site, some pages are in English, some in French and some are even available in both languages. Hopefully your browser will negotiate with the server so that you get the version you prefer but you should be able to get the other language version with the link in the navigation panel. In english text, I've tried to signal links pointing to information in french by appending (FR). Likewise, in french text, I've signaled links leading to pages in english with (EN).

I'd be happy to receive any comment on the site, about the content as well as the presentation or the form. Don't worry about me being overflooded with such comments, I've just got one since the site has been put online in 2001!


24 Sept 2022
6 March 2022
Updated some dead links in the PDP-10 section of the site. Thanks to Ron which has notified me.
26 February 2022
My adventures with a Synology NAS providing a Gitea instance in a Docker container.
20 August 2020
Added notes on shell initialization and notes on GIT as well as some minor changes elsewhere.
8 December 2015
Added a link to bitpattern project page programs page.
15 September 2013
Added some notes on shell programming.
27 August 2013
Added dirsize to the programs page.
23 August 2012
I've added a document on pointers and arrays (FR).
19 November 2010
I've added a document on Integer Division and updated the one on coded character sets (FR).
DEC 20 2009
Some more commands in TOPS-20 Commands Reference Manual (now they are all there, but not all HTMLizing is done) and more information about PDP-10 in general.

I've added a programs section.

Between DEC 10 2009 and DEC 20 2009
I'm again in a retro-computing phase, so here are some more commands in TOPS-20 Commands Reference Manual and the TOPS-20 Monitor Calls User's Guide.

I'm no more waiting for the first comment on the site, I got one. While their volume is smaller that the one of SPAM, I'm still a taker for them.

8th August 2009
I've continued the documentation of the Standard C95 Library (FR) and updated the document on coded character sets (FR) I'm writing.
8th March 2009
I've started to document the Standard C95 Library (FR)
1rst March 2009
All is new. Or nothing is if you take into account that everything was already there. But take into account that the content of some pages has been enhanced and I've tried to give HTML version of what was only available in PDF.